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Terms and Conditions

All you need to know about our terms and conditions.

It's our job to provide you with a safe and reliable energy supply and helpful customer service. These are our Terms and Conditions for the services we provide.

Our general terms and conditions, covering electricity, natural gas and piped Contact Rockgas LPG.

General terms and conditions for residential and business customers (effective 17 March 2015, updated 20 March 2017)

Counties and Hawke's Bay Terms and Conditions (effective 1 September 2015)

Counties prompt payment discount terms and conditions

Hawke's Bay prompt payment discount terms and conditions


Kapiti-Horowhenua and Manawatu Terms and Conditions (effective 31 July 2015)

Kapiti-Horowhenua prompt payment discounts terms and conditions

Manawatu prompt payment discount terms and conditions 

Benefits and discounts

Online OnTime 22% PPD terms and conditions

Standard PPD and DualEnergy™ terms and conditions*

*For Kapiti, Manawatu, Counties, and Hawkes Bay regions, the 10% standard PPD, DualEnergy 15% PPD (Buddy Up) and Online OnTime 22% PPD (The Special) is not available to new customers or customers who move house within these regions.

Standard Rates With Special 22% Prompt Payment Discount - terms and conditions*

*For those customers who recently came off a PowerSure plan, these terms and conditions apply to your prompt payment discount.

AA Smartfuel Add On terms and conditions



Contact Broadband Terms and Conditions


Residential Plans

Fuel Rewards Terms

Fuel Rewards Plus Terms

Fuel Rewards Freedom Terms

Power Fairy Plan Terms (Plan end 30 September 2019)

Bach Plan Special Terms

Bach Plus Plan Special Terms

Goodies Special Terms

Freedom Special Terms

Certainty Special Terms

Certainty Plus Special Terms

Boost Special Terms

Boost Plus Special Terms

Saver Plus Special Terms


Other Residential Plans

Fixed 2018 Plan Special Terms

Fixed 2017 Plan Special Terms

Fixed 2016 Plan Special Terms

Power Fairy Fixed 2017 Terms (Plan end 31 December 2017)

Bonus Stuff Special terms

Rewards Plus Special Terms


Business Plans

Business Freedom Plan Special Terms

Business Fixed Plan Special Terms

Business Fixed Plus Plan Special Terms


Contact Rockgas LPG (bottled)

Contact Rockgas LPG (bottled and bulk) terms and conditions (effective 17 March 2015, updated 20 March 2017)

Terms and conditions of use for the Contact Rockgas LPG ordering mobile app


PrePower special terms and conditions

Contact app

Contact app terms and conditions



SmoothPay terms and conditions


ControlPay terms and conditions


Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation terms and conditions - Pre 1 June 2016

Our distributed generation (DG) terms and conditions are changing for new customers, and take effect on 1 June 2016.  For those customers who are already DG customers, or are in the process of becoming DG customers, we’ll be in touch in the near future to let you know what this means for you, and when the new terms and conditions will apply to you.

Distributed Generation terms and conditions - Effective 1 June 2016



Contact Energy is a member of the Energy Complaints Scheme operated by Utilities Disputes and is required to comply with the general and scheme rules for the scheme. In the event of inconsistency between our terms and conditions relating to the handling of complaints and the Energy Complaints Scheme, the Energy Complaints Scheme will prevail.