Terms and Conditions

It's our job to provide you with a safe and reliable energy supply and helpful customer service. These are our Terms and Conditions for the services we provide.


The Contact Energy services fees are changing to introduce a new fee related to broadband supply which will take effect on 17 August. From 17 August we will be charging a postage and handling fee of $14.99 for all Contact modems that are sent to customers. We have done this to recover the costs associated with these activities. You can view the new Contact service fees here.


The Contact Energy general terms and conditions for residential and business customers are changing to clarify matters relating to time of use default tariffs. The updated terms and conditions will take effect from 7 September 2020.


Contact Energy is a member of the Energy Complaints Scheme operated by Utilities Disputes and is required to comply with the general and scheme rules for the scheme. In the event of inconsistency between our terms and conditions relating to the handling of complaints and the Energy Complaints Scheme, the Energy Complaints Scheme will prevail.