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Terms and Conditions

The Contact and Rockgas service fees are changing and will take effect on 19/03/2020.  The following service fees related to electricity, natural gas, and RLPG will be increasing to reflect increased costs from our third party providers: disconnection for non-payment, special disconnection, after hours (weekends, public holidays and after hours) reconnection, next business day service, same business day reconnection, total disconnection including the meter removal of an electricity supply along with electricity metering change and electricity meter relocation.
Please note, this does not affect reconnection and disconnection fees associated with smart meters that are disconnected/reconnected remotely. You can view the new Contact service fees here and the new Rockgas service fees here.


It's our job to provide you with a safe and reliable energy supply and helpful customer service. These are our Terms and Conditions for the services we provide.


Contact Energy is a member of the Energy Complaints Scheme operated by Utilities Disputes and is required to comply with the general and scheme rules for the scheme. In the event of inconsistency between our terms and conditions relating to the handling of complaints and the Energy Complaints Scheme, the Energy Complaints Scheme will prevail.