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Moving house

We can’t help you pack, but we can get your power, gas and broadband sorted for your new place, easy as.

Move homes easier with these quick tips

We've helped a lot of customers through the moving process over the years, so we have an idea of what does and doesn't help.

What are the most common moving mistakes?

Moving is a stressful process but it can be made a lot easier when you know the mistakes that most people make.

Our recommended plans

Moving with us is quick and easy. Plus whether you’re a new or existing Contact customer, you can sign up to one of these great offers for your power, gas and broadband.

What will you be using bottled gas for?

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Estimated average monthly charges include GST and levies and are based on our Freedom plan with a 18% prompt payment discount (unless you’ve selected otherwise).  If you have added on broadband, home phone or gas this is also included in the total monthly cost provided.  Discounts are off energy bill only. ESTIMATED MONTHLY COST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THE BACH PLAN.For more information please click here
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Estimated electricity rates
Unfortunately we’re unable to get estimated electricity rates for this address. Please call 0800 80 9000.
All rates exclude GST and any available discounts. Electricity estimates and rates are based on a simple Anytime or All Day Economy option which may not match the actual set-up for your home, average billed consumption in your region for summer/winter, and you being a low user. Gas estimates and rates are based on the prices that apply in Auckland Central to properties connected to the Vector gas network and the average billed consumption. Your meter set up and pricing category is likely to differ and gas and/or broadband may not be available at your property. We will confirm your actual rates once we have all the details.
Sorry we cannot find the rates for this address. Please, give us a call on 0800 80 9000 and one of our agents will be able to assist you.