Bottled gas

Order a new bottle through the Rockgas app, online or on the phone (0800 307 300) and we'll switch your empty out for a fresh one.

Order gas online

Download the Rockgas app on:




Whether you want to test the level of your gas, connect your bottle, get delivery information or understand pricing, find out all about bottled gas.

Add piped gas

When you let us know you want to make changes, you’ll be shown the plans and services available to you at your new address. If gas is available at your new address, you’ll be shown the relevant plan to you.  

Getting gas sorted for your new place.

Property access to my gas meter

Remove piped gas

No problem. When you're ready to move, fill out our moving house form online. You’ll be shown what plans and services are available at your new address. If gas isn’t available at your new address, it won’t show as available.

We can arrange this for you.

It’s important that you tell us what work you’re planning for your safety and, so we can give you the correct information. 

We’ll need to know: 

  • what work is being done 
  • your gas fitter’s details 
  • your current email 
  • when you want the supply disconnected 
  • confirmation that you want the supply again 
  • when you want the supply reconnected 

Call us between 8am-4pm on 0800 80 4000 and select option 5, and we can arrange this for you. 

If you no longer need a gas connection at your property, now or in the future, it can be disconnected, and the metering removed.   

You may need to permanently disconnect gas:  

  • following a fire 
  • for safety 
  • for decommissioning the ICP 
  • when changing from gas to electricity 
  • when changing from natural gas to bottled gas 

To arrange for gas to be permanently disconnected, please contact us.

Our gas team will investigate the work neede and contact you if they need any further information before providing a quote.  

Depending on what work is needed, your gas disconnection can take 20-30 working days.

You can send us a final reading when you move.  

You can send us your final reading on WhatsApp or Messenger or by emailing

Outages and faults

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