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Health, Safety and Environment

At Contact, just ticking the box on safety isn’t good enough. Our people deal with risks and hazardous situations every day, and it’s our job to keep them and our customers safe. It’s more than getting home safely every day, it’s about how safety is entwined in everything we do – it’s part of our DNA.

Our Policy

Our Tikanga guides Contact’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system which sets out our commitments to our people, contractors, customers and the communities in which we operate – and we work relentlessly to improve our capacity to fail safely, recover quickly and learn. We think we learn and improve in a pretty special way when it comes to safety and you can hear from some of our people and contractors on how they feel about our learning teams.

Read how we bring teams together to learn from incidents is transforming worker participation and engagement in health and safety here. You can also watch the video here.