3 months on the house?
Best call ever.

Come home to Contact mobile and enjoy three months of endless calls, texts and data for free.

T&Cs and Fair Use apply. Excludes add-ons, international charges, roaming, MMS and premium numbers. Speeds reduced to max 1.2Mbps at data cap.

Try our value packed plans on for size



5GB max speed data then endless data at reduced speed


  • Unlimited calls and texts to NZ & Australia
  • Hotspotting included
  • Wifi calling
  • 5G ready
  • Open term plan
  • Add additional plans to a group for only $25/mth


Important info



16GB max speed data then endless data at reduced speed


  • Unlimited calls and texts to NZ & Australia
  • 250 mins & 50 texts to 20 other countries
  • Hotspotting included
  • Wifi calling
  • 5G ready
  • Open term plan
  • Add additional plans to a group for only $25/mth


Important info



Unlimited max speed data


  • Unlimited calls and texts to NZ & Australia
  • 250 mins & 50 texts to 20 other countries
  • Hotspotting included
  • Wifi calling
  • 5G ready
  • Open term plan
  • Add additional plans to a group for only $25/mth


Important info

Bring your mates from just $25 extra per month

You choose a plan

How do Group plans work?

It's simple! When you join Contact mobile on any pay monthly plan, you can add up to four other people into your Group and if they are on the same plan as you then they'll only pay $25 per month.


So if you choose a Large $80 plan for yourself, you can add up to 4 of your favourite people to your Group and if they are also on a Large plan then they will pay just $25 each per month.


There always needs to be a Group owner paying the full amount for their plan in any Group, so if your Group owner leaves then another member of your Group will start paying full price for their plan instead.


Find out even more about Group plans.

Even more good stuff

Never run out

Never run out

All our plans come with endless* calls, text and data, so you'll never run out again.
Bring your own number

Bring your number

Attached to your current mobile number?

No probs – you can bring it with you!


No fixed term contracts

Our plans are open term, so you can easily switch if you need more or less max speed data.

*Speeds reduced to max. 1.2Mbps at data cap.

We've got you covered

We’re powered by the One NZ (formerly Vodafone) network, reaching over 98% of New Zealanders. So we’ll keep you connected to the people and places that matter.

Interested in 5G or planning to get out and about? Check out the coverage map to see where we cover.

Stay connected overseas

For $7 a day, per plan, you can use your plan minutes, texts and data in over 100 countries.

Take a look at our roaming hub to get all the info you need to stay connected when travelling.

Frequently asked questions

How does 3 months free work?

Just sign up for mobile on any of our plans before 30 June 2024 and we'll make sure your first 3 months of plan charges are removed from your monthly bill. You will only be charged for services not included in your plan.
You can change plan anytime via the Contact mobile app and the change will take effect at the end of your current billing period. Though if you change during your free 3 months, you will forfeit the rest of your free period, so it might be best to hold off until your offer period comes to an end.

Any calls or services not covered by the cost of your plan will be charged. For example, international calls and texts, picture messages and roaming charges.

After the 3 month free period, you will be charged the monthly cost of the mobile plan you have chosen.
It’s always a good idea to take a look through the terms and conditions for any offer. Read the full Offer T&Cs here.

Getting started

Just look for the Join Us button or you can start by choosing a plan here. It only takes a few minutes to get started.
You’ll need an email address, your physical address and you’ll also be asked to provide a credit or debit card to be used for your monthly payments.
Signing up takes just a few minutes. We’ll then courier a physical SIM to you or generate your eSIM so you can get connected right away.  

The physical SIM should arrive within normal courier times, approx 3-7 working days depending on where you live. You’ll receive an shipping email notification once its on its way.

The eSIM QR code will be available after you checkout and also in the Order History section of your account.

Our mobile plans

Max Speed data is data that is delivered at the maximum available speed on the network.  Once your plan's Max Speed data allowance has been exceeded, you’ll still have endless data but at reduced speeds of 1.2 Mbps. 

We’ve got most things covered but some services or numbers may incur additional charges. For example, sending and receiving multi-media messages. To avoid surprises come billing time, make sure you check the Important info section on each of our plans.
We know sometimes things change so you’re free to change plans whenever you need to. If you decide to change plans, or cancel your plan with us, you’ll need to pay for your current plan up to the end of your monthly billing period.
We offer 5G on all our plans. Check out this coverage map to check if it’s available where you are.
Yes. You’ll need a compatible phone and have it switched on in your settings. Refer to your phone’s specs for more info.
Screening or just busy? We got you. Voicemail is included with all Contact mobile plans. 
Hotspot is available, and free! Just remember hotspot uses your mobile data so you might reach your Max Speed data allowance earlier. 

Keeping your existing number

You sure can! Just follow the easy set up steps when you put your new Contact SIM into your phone, and we’ll handle the rest.
Just sign up with us and when you insert your new Contact SIM, or scan your eSIM QR code for the first time, you’ll be asked for some details to help us transfer your number across.  

Whether you’ve selected a physical SIM or an eSIM, you'll then need to put your old SIM back into your phone or select your old eSIM setting, so you can approve the transfer via an automated text, which should arrive within 15 minutes. 

Once you have approved the transfer, you can put your new Contact SIM back into your phone, or switch profile to use your new eSIM.

Who can get Contact mobile?

No, but we can offer you some sweet deals on electricity, broadband and gas as well as a sharp mobile plan. Check out our energy and broadband plans. You need to be 18 or older to sign up to our energy and broadband plans.
Want to take advantage of our great mobile prices and data allowances? Go for it! You can add up to 4 additional mobile numbers on each account. The fair use policy applies, but if it works for you, it works for us!

Group plans

When you take out any Contact mobile pay monthly plan, you can invite up to four other Contact mobile customers to join you in a Group and if they are on the same plan as you then they’ll pay $25/month for their plan.

Set up a Group and start inviting your favourite people to join you, or join an existing Group set up by another Contact mobile customer.

If you already have a Contact mobile account head to the Groups section in your account and start inviting your favourite people. Just make sure they’ve already registered for a Contact mobile account as well.

Once someone from your Group has invited you, sign into your Contact mobile account, head to the Groups section, click the envelope and accept the invite.

If you’re a new Contact mobile customer, then just make sure you accept your invite before activating your SIM. This will make sure you pay the $25 Group price from day one.

Any Contact mobile customer can be in a Group, as long as they have an active Contact mobile account. You don’t even need to live at the same address. Any Contact mobile account holder can join a Group and start saving!

There will be separate bills for each group member and these will be charged monthly to the credit card used during sign up. The person who started the Group will pay for the full priced plan, with all other Group members paying $25 per month for their plans.

If the person who started the Group, leaves the Group, then the Group member who has been part of the Group the longest will then start paying the full price of their plan instead of $25 per month.

Our Contact Mobile NZ app

It's your one central place to manage your mobile plan. The app allows you to monitor usage and charges, view your bills and even change plans. It's available 24/7, has an extensive help centre and offers Live Chat to reach out to the team if you need help.
Yes, our mobile services are housed separately so you can easily find and manage your mobile plans, information and data all in one place.
You can download the Contact Mobile NZ App from Google Play or the App Store.

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