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Contact offer a broadband connection to suit your needs whether you are a casual browser or an avid gamer. All on one handy bill, you'll need to have your electricity with us too. To find the best broadband connection for your needs check out the table below.

Which plan is right for you?


  4G Wireless 300GB
4G Wireless Unlimited
Fast Fibre ***
Max Fibre

Average Peak Speed (Mbps)**

Download speed

Upload speed

37 / 18 Mbps

Speed bar

37 / 18 Mbps

Speed bar

315 / 109 Mbps

Speed bar

877 / 496 Mbps

Speed bar

Bundle price/ month*

from $55.00

from $65.00

from $70.00
from $85.00
Standard price/ month $65.00 $75.00 $80.00 $95.00

Best for

Small households, few devices, basic browsing and HD video streaming Small - medium households, few devices, basic browsing and HD video streaming Medium - Large households, many devices, HD/4K Ultra HD video streaming Large households, many devices, HD/4K Ultra HD video streaming, WFH
Contact supplied Modem
Rent $4/mth
Buy $99
Delivery $14.99
Rent $4/mth
Buy $99
Delivery $14.99
Rent $4/mth
Buy $99
Delivery $14.99
Rent $4/mth
Buy $99
Delivery $14.99
Bring your own Modem
Cross icon
Cross icon Tick icon
Tick icon
VOIP Cross icon Cross icon Tick icon Tick icon


ADSL and VDSL connections are not available online. For help with DSL connections, please Get in touch

*This price is available for customers who sign up to the Broadband bundle plan. Some prices are only available online, please check plan pages for more detail.

** Speeds shown are peak time average speeds from the Commerce Commission MBNZ Spring report. You may experience higher or lower speeds than these national averages. Factors such as the performance of your modem, location of the server you’re connected to, the performance of your device and your in-home WiFi setup can impact the speeds experienced. For best results a wired ethernet connection is recommended.

*** The figures for this product are the maximum theoretical speeds for customers in the Enable, Chorus & Tuatahi network areas because there is no data available for this product in the Spring MBNZ Commerce Commission report. The average peak download and upload speeds for customers in the NorthPower network are 100/22Mbps.

One bill for your energy and unlimited internet plans

Wireless Broadband

4G Wireless broadband uses the mobile network to connect to the internet. No installations and no technicians.

Simply plug in modem, download the app, connect your devices and you're good to go.

One bill for your energy and unlimited internet plans

Fibre Broadband

Fibre uses the latest in fixed-line broadband technology. Do more and do it faster with fibre.

Ideal for busy households with many people and devices who are online at the same time.

Why Contact Broadband?

One bill for your energy and unlimited internet plans

Sharp price

On the Broadband Bundle plan, you’ll be looked after with one of the best broadband price in town. 
Unfixed Unlimited fibre broadband

No fixed contract

Broadband on your terms. Stay for as long as you like.
Modem included for your NZ broadband

Modem options

Use your own compatible modem (Fibre only) or order one from us (modem charges and P&H fee applies).

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, simply add broadband to your account through My Account or the Contact app.


How to add broadband to your account:

  1. Register or sign in to your online account ‘My account’ or do it on our app
  2. Go to 'My Property'
  3. Click 'Add Broadband'

Alternatively, if you’re an existing customer on an open term plan then you can change to the Broadband Bundle plan.


Don’t have the Contact app? Download it below.

Google Play BadgeApp Store Badge

We’d love to have you join our broadband family.  As long as you have your residential electricity account with us at the same address, you should be good to go.

There are a few exceptions where we can’t supply your broadband:

  • If you’re on on PrePay.
  • Customers on weekly or fortnightly billing.
  • If you have a Time of Use meter.
  • Business customers

Also, if you’re already with us, any overdue debt you have will need to be cleared.

When you sign up over the phone, our team will quickly take a look to see if broadband can be supplied to your address. The answer will usually be yes, but things like distance from the network’s equipment or its capacity can mean it’s not available.

Do I need my own modem or do Contact supply them?

For wireless connections you’ll need to rent or buy a Contact modem (you can’t use your own), which could be new or refurbished. You’ll have the option to rent a modem for $4/mth ongoing or buy upfront for $99. Modem delivery fee of $14.99 applies.

For fibre connections we offer both options. Using your own modem is a good idea as you can get connected faster than waiting for a Contact one to be delivered. Check to see if your modem is compatible.

If you don’t want to use your own modem, no problem, we can provide one for you. You’ll have the option to rent a modem for $4/mth ongoing or buy upfront for $99. Modem delivery fee of $14.99 applies.

For fibre with VoIP phone connections you’ll need to rent or buy a Contact modem (you can’t use your own), which could be new or refurbished. You’ll have the option to rent a modem for $4/mth ongoing or buy upfront for $99. Modem delivery fee of $14.99 applies.


Setting up your Contact provided modem

For help setting up your modem:

  • Here’s a quick set up guide for our TP-Link HX510 Mesh Wi-Fi modem
  • Here's a quick set up guide for our TP-Link Deco X58-4G modem
  • Here’s a quick set up guide for our TP-Link Deco X55 modem. For a fuller version, click here
  • Here's the User Guide for our Netcom modems
  • Here's the User Guide for our Huawei modem


Is there anything I need to know about where to place the modem when I set it up?

Yes, your modem definitely needs a little TLC. It’s important to put it in the right place for optimal operation. (i.e., think buffering/drop out internet issues if you choose the wrong spot.) These are some places to avoid putting your modem:

  • Spots with direct sunlight or hot areas
  • Liquid or moisture (keep the coffee cups at arms’ length). To clean the modem, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth
  • Any sort of cover, enclosed spaces like drawers or boxes or behind furniture
  • Tinkering – disassembling your modem in any way is not a good idea


How can I increase Wi-Fi coverage if I want to?

We know that some customers may need extra Wi-Fi coverage in their homes to make sure they have the best experience when using the internet. For example, large homes with rooms a long way from the primary modem may need extra units for an extra boost. Certain building materials in your home can cause issues for Wi-Fi too so additional units may be needed to combat this.

These can be purchased for the amounts below which will be added to your Contact account. Simply do that here.

Number of units Price (Incl GST, postage and handling) 
 1  $160
 2  $325
 3  $475

If you have one of our existing TP-Link (either HX510 or Deco) modems already, then extra units are preconfigured to plug in and go. Just put them in poorer quality areas of your house, and you’re away.

For customers with a different modem or starting afresh with no modem, you’ll need to buy at least two units if want the benefits of better Wi-Fi coverage in your house. This is because your current one may not be compatible.

For a more extensive run down on how these units can help, click here.

Our broadband speeds in the table above show how fast your internet should be able to download and upload data - but it’s not an exact science.

Broadband speeds can vary and it’s important to know what to look out for. Things that slow things down might include:

  • Where your modem is placed in your house, for example if there are lots of walls between you and your modem. The distance from your house to your local exchange could also affect speeds.
  • How many people are on your network at the same time.
  • The type and location of content you are accessing, content from international servers could be slower to access.
  • The time of day could affect it with how busy the network is.
  • The capability of the devices you are using to connect to the network. Do they have the software and hardware capable of accessing Max Speeds? The speed capacity of the devices you are connecting with may be a limitation for example.
  • Environmental factors like other wireless devices in the house (such as mobile or digital phones) and even your neighbours’ WiFi connection.
  • Connecting devices directly to your modem via high-speed Ethernet wiring instead of using WiFi will get you the most reliable connection and faster speeds.


How to check your broadband speed

The best way to do an accurate speed test is by completing a quick speed test. We recommend using www.speedtest.net and make sure you are using “Devoli” as the selected server to get the most accurate result. You will need to have your device plugged in via the ethernet cable (which came with your modem).


My internet is slow, what can I do?

Check our troubleshooting page.

Yes, by signing into your online account (My Account) or app you can see how your broadband usage is tracking. (Just choose the broadband tab.) Seeing this info can be really handy to monitor when broadband is being used at your place – there are daily, hourly and monthly views. If you’re on a capped plan, you can monitor if you’re close or over your limit.

No worries! Your broadband can come with you as long as you bring your electricity over as well. Don’t forget to pack your Contact modem and take it with you. If you’re currently renting a modem the rental fee of $4 per month will continue at your new address.

Please give us a bit of notice so that we can tick the right boxes and make sure everything is in place. Ideally 15 working days should be enough time for us to get everything ready for you at your new home. Sometimes things might take a bit longer but we’ll be in touch if we need to. Depending on where you move to, we may not be able to provide you with exactly the same services you currently have – it all depends on what’s provided where.

Broadband will appear on the same bill as your energy, but your broadband billing dates will differ from your electricity billing dates as broadband is billed in advance.

Broadband charges start from the day after you’re connected. Depending on when you sign up, your first bill may contain a part-month charge (for broadband services already received) and a full months charge (for the next month in advance).

We’d be super-sad to see you go! 

Our broadband services don’t have a fixed term contract, we just need 30 days’ notice and we’ll get the leaving process underway for you. Call us on 0800 641 502. If you have one of our modems and haven’t purchased it we’ll send you a prepaid courier bag to return it free of charge.

We'd always welcome the opportunity to discuss some of our other benefits that might suit you, see what else we can offer here.


Can I just have Contact broadband?

You'll need to have your electricity with us to get Contact broadband, as it’s not available without electricity.

Can I add a homeline service?

Yes, we provide homeline services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You'll need a fibre connection and our Netcomm Contact provided modems.  You can add our homeline service from just $10 a month for unlimited national calls not including mobile. Give us a call on 0800 641 502 and we can set this up for you.


What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is simply a way of using the internet for the transmission of voice calls. You can operate VoIP and related services with any modern home phone.

The main difference between a standard landline and VoIP is that VoIP uses your internet connection whereas a standard landline is connected to the copper network.

If you have services such as a medical alarm and monitored alarm that often require a standard landline, please let us know so we can make sure to recommend the right set-up for you.

It’s important you know that your VoIP service might not work during a power outage. Therefore you’ll need another way to stay connected in case you need to make an emergency 111 calls.


Can I keep my current home phone number?

Yes! You can keep your existing home phone number when you sign up to a homeline service with us. Just let us know and we can move it from your existing provider. You will also need a phone with a telepermit sticker (shown below) which you can plug into your Contact provided modem  to access our homeline service using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

Keep your home phone number with your fibre broadband. NZ broadband made easy!


Optional add-ons for your phone line

  • Top 10 international calling package – 100 hours per month to fixed landlines only, in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, India, Hong Kong and China – $10.00 per month. (Please note this is for landline to landline calls only, standard rates apply for mobiles, please refer to rates below.)
  • NZ mobile 100 calling package – 100 minutes to NZ mobile phone numbers – $5.00 per month
  • NZ mobile 200 calling package – 200 minutes to NZ mobile phone numbers – $10.00 per month


What are the rates for Local and International Calls?

Standard Local Rates are shown below.  View our International rates.

Standard Local Rates
Type Charge (per min)
Directory $0.55
Fixed $0.00
IntDirectory $0.55
Internet $0.00
Local $0.00
Mobile $0.17
MsgExchange $0.00
Service Call $0.00
TollFree $0.00
TollFree Mobile $0.00


I don’t want a homeline anymore – can I discontinue the service? 

Yes. We offer a product called Naked Broadband – it means you’ll no longer have a homeline. If you used to have a home phone, it will stop working on a Naked Broadband package and you will not be able to use it to call anyone including 111 emergency services from this phone. We strongly recommend that you consider keeping a back-up device, such as a charged mobile phone, for emergencies.

If you have a monitored or medical alarm, please contact your alarm provider to ensure the alarm will continue to work with a VoIP phone connection.


How do I set up and check my voicemail?

Give us a call on 0800 641 502 and we can set this up for you. Alternatively, if you are using the voicemail functionality on your home phone device, please check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set this up.


How do I check my voicemail?

Dial 222 from your phone, enter in your phone number (start with the country code and area code - for example, it is 649 if you are based in Auckland, New Zealand), then enter the PIN you were given when your voicemail was set up. This will enable you to check your voice messages and manage your mailbox.


Can you add my number to the next phone book?

Yes, we can arrange this. Please email us at broadband@contactenergy.co.nz or call us on 0800 641 502 and tell us what your account number is and how you’d like your name to appear in the phone book.


Can you delete my number from the next phone book?

Yes (provided the entry was added by Contact). Please email us at broadband@contactenergy.co.nz or call us on 0800 641 502 and we can arrange this. If your number was added by an old provider, you will need to contact them to have it removed.


My home phone is not working

If your home phone isn’t working, try this step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

1. Check wiring

Make sure broadband is working first as the phone requires an internet connection before it will work (refer to broadband troubleshooting if broadband isn’t working). Then make sure the phone is securely connected to telephone port 1 on the modem.

2. Check the phone is VoIP compatible 

To do this, look for a ‘Telepermit’ Sticker. If you can’t see one, it might be a good idea to contact the manufacturer to enquire if the phone is VoIP compatible.


3. Complete a power cycle on your modem

Power cycle the Netcomm Contact provided modem  by turning off the power button on the side of the modem. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn this button back on. After 5 minutes, test to see if the problem has been resolved.

4. Call us on 0800 641 502 to discuss further

To help us resolve your issue quickly, we recommend having these details on hand when you call our Customer Service team.

  • Your account number.
  • Does your phone have a dial tone?
  • If you’re having issues with outbound calling, three examples with the dates/times you have attempted the calls and the phone numbers you are trying to reach.
  • If you’re having issues with inbound calling, three examples with the dates/times of the calls affected.

We've put a glossary together of commonly used terms:

  • 4G. This refers to the fourth generation of mobile internet. Contact Wireless broadband is on the 4G network.
  • Mbps. Megabits per second, this is the data transfer speed, used to describe upload and download speeds.
  • ADSL. Broadband delivered through copper telephone wires.
  • VDSL. The fastest type of broadband on the old copper network.
  • Fibre. The latest broadband technology. Far faster than ADSL, VDSL or mobile broadband connection types.
  • IP address. Your device’s IP address is a way websites/servers determine where you are. A little bit like a physical address. Your IP address is usually dynamically set by your ISP.
  • Latency. The response time between your device requesting information from a website/server and the info being received. 
  • ONT (optical network terminator). The “box” inside your house that connects fibre to your modem and router.
  • WiFi (wireless fidelity). Network that allows devices to wirelessly connect to the internet.
  • Modem. The device that connects your home network to the Internet.
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