My usage

You can view your usage in the Contact app or through MyAccount online. (Residential customers only)

Here are some instructions on how to find your usage once you get there.

When you have no power, it means our system can’t get an update and will estimate your power use until it can get a reading. Your power use will be updated when your power comes back on.

My bill

My plans

This depends on your current plan. If you’re on a fixed term plan, you may need to pay a break fee (early termination fee) if you want to end or change your plan before the fixed term ends.  

Not sure if you’re on a fixed term plan? Sign into My Account to see your plan information.  
Go to the main menu and select ‘Change plan’. Any break (early termination) fees will show on the change plan page.  
It’s easy to change your plan in My Account.  

If you select ‘Change plan’ from the main menu, you’ll be shown the plans available to you and how to switch.  
Unless we tell you otherwise, you’ll be changed over immediately. You’ll see the changes on your next bill.   
You can check which plan you’re on by signing into My Account.  

Here you’ll see the name of your current plan and any additional services that you have, like broadband or gas.  

You can also find the name of your plan on your PDF bill. It is not shown on your digital bill.  
We’ll email you when your current plan is coming to end.  We’ll include details on how to choose a new plan. If you don’t choose a new plan, you’ll automatically switch over on to our Basic plan.  
We’ll email you when your current plan is coming to end.  We’ll include details on how to choose a new plan. If you don’t choose a new plan, you’ll automatically switch over on to our Basic plan.

Adding new services

Moving house

It’s easy to let us know you’re moving house.  

When you move house, you’ll need to let us know:  

  • your final date at your current property
  • a final meter reading from your current property 
  • your new address 
  • a forwarding address for your final bill 
  • the date you move to your new property

You don’t need to call us – you can let us know you’re moving house here.  

It’s easy to get the electricity, gas and broadband sorted at your new place.  

If you’re already with Contact, you can let us know you’re moving house here. You’ll need to have your account number handy. We’ll do the rest.  

If you’re not with us already, you can get set up in a few simple steps.  
When you let us know you’re moving house, you’ll be shown which plans are available at your new place. You can then choose the plan that suits your new home.  

See our plan comparison to see what plans we have on offer.
When you let us know you’re moving house, you’ll be shown the plans and services available to you at your new address. If gas is available at your new address, you’ll be shown the relevant plan to you.  
You can’t carry over your joint account when you move house. This is because we no longer offer joint residential accounts.  

You’ll need to switch to one person’s name, and you may also get a new account number.  

You can add someone to your account as authorised person. This means that they can contact us about the account on your behalf.  
If you have under $500 debt it will be transferred with you to the new property.  

If you have over $500 debt and are not on SmoothPay, you will need to clear all debt that is owing on your account before we can sign you up at a new property.  
No problem. When you let us know you’re moving house, you’ll be shown what plans and services are available at your new address. If gas isn’t available at your new address, it won’t show as available.  
Not a problem. Please email and we’ll get you switched over to your new address.  

My details

Your account number can be found on your bill at the top left-hand side as well as on your dashboard when you log into My Account or our app.

Your account number is used to locate your details when you get in touch and as reference for any payments you make so they are allocated to the correct account.
You can update your phone number and email address online in My Account or using our app, simply by selecting 'My Details' from the menu.

Registering & logging in

My Account is our online self-service platform giving you 24/7 access to view and change details of your energy account. With Online Services, it's easier to keep an eye on your account.

You can manage all your personal electricity and natural gas accounts, including being able to:

  • View your account balance and total amount to pay
  • Make one-off credit card payments
  • Set up SmoothPay and direct debit payments
  • View bills for the last 12 months
  • Change your email or contact details

And there a few more additional benefits:

  • It's mobile friendly
  • You can also use our handy app
It's easy to register, simply go to My Account and

1. Enter your email (this will become your username)
2. Account number and 
3. Choose a password

Almost there.  Once you have registered, we'll send you an email to activate your account.   Click to activate and you're all set to manage your account.

Closing my account or cancelling services

If you have broadband with us and are cancelling your electricity, your broadband will need to be cancelled as well. 

If you are moving house, you don’t need to cancel, we can transfer your account to the new property.

Get in touch with us by calling 0800 201 000 and we'll see what we can do for you. 

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