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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register for an online account and how should I do it?

There are heaps of benefits you get with an online account: 
  • Make one-off credit card payments
  • Set up SmoothPay and direct debit payments
  • View bills for the last 24 months
  • Update your e-mail or contact details
  • It's mobile friendly
  • You can also use our handy app
To register, go here and: 
  1. Enter your email (this will become your username), account number and choose a password.
  2. An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Click to activate and you're done.


Can I look at all my Contact electricity and gas accounts online?

You can access My Account for all your personal and small business electricity and natural gas accounts, apart from your Contact Rockgas LPG account and any PrePower accounts.
My Account isn't available to Commercial & Industrial customers on a Time of Use meter.

Where do I find my usage information?

You can find your usage information by selecting "Usage" and then "View Usage".
The "Usage History" graph provides you with a monthly view of your usage (including your average daily spend). 
If you've been with us a while, then you'll also be able to view your monthly usage compared to the previous year. 

If you're on a smart meter, you may be able to drill down to daily and hourly information by using the "Current Usage" graph.
Just click on a month (bar) which will take you to the daily view, then select a day to view your hourly data. 



How do I change from paper to email billing?

Log into My Account and select "Billing and Payments" then "View Bills". 
Just change the button so it's "On". As long as your bill hasn't already been issued, we'll arrange for it to be changed to email billing for your next one.Where do I find my bills, both recent and previous?


Where can I see when my next meter reading is due?

Your next meter reading date shows on the top right on the first page of your bill. Alternatively, go to "My Account", view "Account Summary" and then select "My Account Details". 

Please note the read date is always approximate, it will usually be the date we give or 1-2 either side.


How do I know if I've had an estimated or actual meter read?

You can find this on page two of your bill, where you can also see how much energy you've used. Or, you can do it in My Account by selecting "view Bills" and check the "Bill Type" in the details section.


Can i get even more detailed information about my usage information?

Yes, we can provide more details about your electricity consumption from the last two years. It’s simple to make a request, just send us an e-mail to let us know you’re after this information and we’ll come back and let you know what details we need from you. Once we have everything we need, results will be emailed to you within five business days. By doing so, we are meeting our obligations under the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 administered by the Electricity Authority.


Where can I download the app from?

Simply click on your badge below or search 'Contact Energy' in your app store and you're away.

Contact Energy Apple App Store Contact Energy App - Google Play Store

Full terms and conditions are available to view here.


What devices are supported by the app?

For Apple Users:
  • The app is supported on the version iOS8 and above
  • To check which version of iOS you're on, please go to your Settings, tap on General, then About
For Google Android Users:
  • The apps are supported on OS versions 4.4 and above
  • To check which version of Android you're on, please go to your Settings, tap on More, then on About Device 


What can I do on the app?

  • Register so that you can start using the app straight away
  • View your current bill and when it needs to be paid
  • Make a one-off credit card payment
  • Set up or cancel direct debits directly from the app (Note: this excludes SmoothPay)
  • View your monthly usage data for the past year and compare it to the same month the year before If you have a smart meter, you’ll have access to your daily usage information for the last 100 days
  • Tell us your meter reading(s) if you want to keep us up to date. You can also submit multiple meter readings all in one go
  • View your transaction history including the ability to filter by a date range
  • Get quick access to key contacts if you have faults or outages in your area


Is my information secure in the app?

We'll keep your personal information secure and it'll be held by us in our customer database in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and as set out in our energy supply agreement. For full details on our privacy policy, please click here.


Does the app use my mobile data?

The app is required to be used over the Internet via data or wifi. Standard use of the app uses a minimal amount of data.


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