Pick ’n mix
of energy
saving tips

It’s a classic case of little things adding up to fat savings. Just like you, we’re keen to see smart use of energy to keep costs down - so we’ve put together some tips on how to keep your home snuggly ‘n dry in winter, cooler in summer… and save money!

Water heating

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Fridge and freezer

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Ouch. Had a high bill?

If your bill is looking higher than you were expecting, just check if any of these things were going on:

  • Has the weather changed? In cold weather heating costs might go up and in hot weather it will cost more if you use air conditioning or fans

  • Have you got more people staying? A new baby, live-in rellies, boarders or guests can mean you use more energy at home

  • Has your lifestyle changed? Your energy costs might go up if you're spending more time working from home for instance

  • Have you bought any new appliances? A new clothes dryer or a second tele might see your energy usage go up - or you might have been using appliances more often

  • Renovating or redecorating? You'll use more energy to heat your home during renovations, especially if you've added extra floor space or windows

  • Is your bill for a longer period? Check your energy bill to see how many days it covers

  • Is your bill an estimated reading rather than an actual reading? (Check out how to read your meter.)