So good,
that we
bottled it

Bottled gas might be the go if you don't want to, or can’t, hook up to the mains – so there’s no reason to miss out on all the roasty, toasty benefits of gas. Large 45kg bottles are delivered to your place and 9kg barbie sized bottles can be easily collected from refuel stations. Find out how you can save by refilling your BBQ bottle here.

Love getting something for nothing?

Right now, switch your gas and electricity to any fixed plan with Contact, and get TWO 45kg LPG cylinders for free! Click here to find out more.


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We've got New Zealand covered with over 30 handy outlets around the country that can deliver Contact Rockgas LPG to your place.

If you're ready to go you can sign up by clicking below, or to find out what we have for your place, give us a bell on 0800 762 542 and tell us:

  • Where you live
  • Where you’d like the bottles fitted
  • The name of your gasfitter

We might need to pay you a visit to check your house is suitable.

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Gas Bottles at Home – how does it work?

Good things always come in pairs, so we deliver a Home Pack of two 45kg bottles to your place. Most gas appliances can be connected to our bottles, mounted to the outside of your house. Each gas installation needs a gas fitting certificate issued by a craftsman gasfitter before the gas can be turned on and is available for use.

When one gas bottle empties, your regulator should automatically switch to the next bottle.  Give us a bell or order online when that happens and we’ll replace the empty bottle toot sweet.

If you think bottled gas might be a go, it's important that you choose a good site for your setup. We can help you do this as well as recommend a certified gasfitter. Also, you need to ensure that your site is able to support the regular delivery of our 45kg gas bottles before ordering bottled gas.

To know more about the legal minimum clearance required when positioning two 45kg Contact Rockgas LPG bottles and safety non-negotiables you need to consider when ordering bottled gas, give us a call at 0800 762 542 or send us an e-mail.

Find your local barbie bottle outlet

We have suppliers all over the country that can provide you with the good stuff for your barbeque.

To fill up your 9kg bottle, visit your nearest Contact Rockgas LPG outlet today.

Soak it up

Gas can give you continuous hot water, no matter how many showers you have, because it’s heated as you use it, so it’ll never run cold. On top of that, it’s cost efficient because you’re only paying to heat the water you use – not a large hot water cylinder. Where’s that bubble bath?

Cosy & Quick

Imagine your whole house toasty warm in minutes. Gas is perfect for efficient central heating and you can even have the luscious look of a fire, without the hassle. There are plenty of other appliance options as well that look good and don’t hog space. Who knew you could be warm and sensible?

Kitchen and BBQ Whizz?

You don’t have to be a flash cook to understand why chefs love cooking with gas. Whipping up a special feast or a quick mid-weeker is so much easier with the instant heat that gas gives. Of course you can have a BBQ any night of the week and with our small 9kg bottles you can heat up the barbie (and the outdoor heater) for a quick, smart snag or steak.

Get cooking with gas now!

Get power to your new home or a hook up to gas.

Buddy up gas & power to save

You could earn an extra discount on your electricity when you buddy up your bottled gas at the same property and pay in full and on time. The extra discount will only apply to your electricity bill.  (Please note Contact Rockgas Auto LPG, bottles less than 45kg, PrePower and Time of Use accounts are excluded).

Snappy LPG refills

Order your bottled gas here and we’ll deliver pronto.