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Electricity with perks

We’ll be pulling our weight at your place with handy discounts, helpful options to spread out your payments. Get the lowdown on all latest perks here.


Use less? Pay less

You could be saving more by using less, with our low user plan. If your electricity usage is under 8,000 kWh a year (or 9,000 kWh if you live in some parts of the South Island region) you could switch to have a plan with a lower fixed daily charge.

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The Ins & Outs:

  • A lower fixed daily charge than our standard options, with a higher variable charge for electricity used

  • The variable rate depends on a number of factors such as where you live and the type of meter set-up you have

  • To qualify, your home must be the main place you live in (sorry, holiday homes don’t count)

  • Contact us and we can see if you qualify and what plan might be right for you

So where does it all come from?

Your electricity comes from some pretty impressive places:

  • The lights in your house might be powered by steam heated by magma from deep under the earth by one of our geothermal power stations

  • We have several large hydro power stations like the massive Clyde Dam, generating electricity for Kiwis

  • Our natural gas power stations keep things warm when the H₂O gets low and the wind stops blowing

Home grown electricity

Tips and perks on generating your own electricity.


Side step unexpected spikes by spreading out your payments. Makes budgeting a whole heap easier.

Energy Saving Tips

Visit our Saving Energy page to learn more about how to keep your home snuggly 'n dry in winter, cooler in summer..and save money!