Piped gas
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With piped gas you’re hooked up to our gas supply for continuous hot water, snuggly warmth and great cooking.

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We can tell you whether your place is set up for piped gas.
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Soak it up

Gas can give you continuous hot water, no matter how many showers you have, because it’s heated as you use it, so it’ll never run cold. On top of that, it’s cost efficient because you’re only paying to heat the water you use – not a large hot water cylinder. Where’s that bubble bath?

Cosy & Quick

Imagine your whole house toasty warm in minutes. Piped gas is perfect for efficient central heating and you can even have the luscious look of a fire, without the hassle. There are plenty of other appliance options as well that look good and don’t hog space. Who knew you could be warm and sensible?

Kitchen Whizz

You don’t have to be a flash cook to understand why chefs love cooking with gas. Whipping up a special feast or a mid-weeker is so much easier with the instant heat that gas gives. You’ll love it.

New connections now!

Get power to your new home or a hook up to gas.

Buddy up gas & power to save

You could earn an extra discount when you buddy up your gas and power with us at the same property and pay in full and on time.


Side step unexpected spikes by spreading out your payments. Makes budgeting a whole heap easier.