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AA Smartfuel Discounts

We like to find ways to help out fellow kiwis. Which is why teaming up with AA Smartfuel makes a lot of ‘cents’. With AA Smartfuel you’re one of thousands of kiwis earning fuel discounts and rewards as they buy fuel and shop with retailers across the country.


Choose a Contact Fuel Rewards plan and earn fuel discounts from us once a month*. You can use your rewards to save at the pump or play your part in the fight against climate change by converting your rewards to CarbonClick or ChargeNet credits^.


No matter what you spend on power, you’ll reap the rewards.

Your AA Smartfuel discounts can now be simply converted to ChargeNet credits

Fill your EV battery for less when you convert your AA Smartfuel rewards to ChargeNet credits. You’ll get $0.25 ChargeNet credits for every 1 cent per litre AA Smartfuel discount earned. Making your smart decision to drive an EV, even smarter!

Help offset your carbon with AA Smartfuel and CarbonClick

Contact Energy customers get a fuel discount on our Fuel Rewards plans. With AA Smartfuel and CarbonClick, you can choose to offset your portion of this carbon footprint and lessen the impact on our collective home – the New Zealand environment.

Want to find out more about how to calculate the carbon footprint of your electricity?

Frequently asked questions

AA Smartfuel is Contact’s rewards partner. 

It’s a loyalty programme where you can earn rewards each month on a Contact Fuel Rewards plan. You can also swipe your AA Smartfuel card at other participating retailers to collect and accumulate additional discounts!

To redeem your rewards for fuel discounts, swipe your AA Smartfuel card at any participating service station. Or choose to instantly turn them into carbon offsets (via CarbonClick) or Qantas Points via the AA Smartfuel app. Note, the value of non fuel rewards may differ from the value of AA Smartfuel discounts.

View our AA Smartfuel Rewards plans for one that suits you.

You can collect AA Smartfuel discounts by signing up to one of our Fuel Rewards plans and providing us with your AA Smartfuel card number. Check out our residential or business plans for more information on the plans and eligibility criteria.

You can track your fuel discounts from Contact and other participating retailers on the AA Smartfuel app, you can download this on your smartphone, check out the AA Smartfuel website for more information.

If you are currently on a fixed term plan, you will not be able to switch to a Fuel Rewards plan until the end date of your current plan.

An early termination fee applies and is part of the Terms and Conditions.

If you've forgotten whether your plan has a fee or not, please use our enquiry form and we'd be more than happy to discuss with you.

You can pick up a free AA Smartfuel card at any participating fuel retailers and Countdown stores.  Once you have your card, you need to then register your card directly with AA Smartfuel. 

There are three ways to register your card.

You’ll receive email confirmation when your card is registered.

You sure can!  AA and Countdown have their own branded AA Smartfuel cards, but you can still use these cards to accumulate AA Smartfuel discounts with Contact!

Let us know your AA Smartfuel card number when you sign up to one of our Fuel Rewards Plans and you're on your way to collecting points.

You can let us know by:

Once you have your card, you need to provide us with the card number.  

Let us know by logging into:

Don’t forget to ensure you have signed up to one of our Fuel Rewards Plans to be rewarded with AA Smartfuel discounts.