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Save 30c off per litre of fuel

once every month on Contact's Fuel Rewards Freedom plan.

AA Smartfuel Rewards

We’re always looking for ways to put money back into your pocket, so we’ve teamed up with AA Smartfuel to bring you regular savings on fuel when you’ve also got your electricity with us. 

 No matter what you spend on power, you’ll get the savings every month meaning you’ll pay less at the pump.  Every. Single. Month.  Just like that.

Watch your fuel savings add up when you shop and swipe with AA Smartfuel partners












10c/L for each flights booking made online via the Mix & Match website.

6c/L when you spend $40 or more in one transaction on fuel at BP or Caltex.

30c/L with a Fuel Rewards plan

20c/L when you spend $500 or more in one transaction on qualifying products

6c/L when you spend $200 or more over a week (Mon to Sun). That's up to 24c/L a month.


This month's savings

$34.56 *

*Terms and conditions apply. "This month's savings" is based on a 50 litre AA Smartfuel redemption. To maximise your savings, it pays to fill up as close to 50 litres as you can because your account balance will return to zero after each redemption.
Once accumulated, discounts must be redeemed by the end of the following calendar month, e.g. a fuel discount dated 1 July 2017 through 31 July 2017 will expire on 31 August 2017.

AA Smartfuel 30c Once Every Month

Sign up to Fuel Rewards Freedom

If you love fuel discounts for your road trips, but don't want to be tied to a fixed term, jump on board Fuel Rewards Freedom.
AA Smartfuel 50c Once Every Month

Sign up to Fuel Rewards Plus

Fix energy rates until 31 March 2020 and be rewarded with a whopping 50 cents off a litre once every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

AA Smartfuel is Contact’s new rewards partner. 

It is a loyalty programme where you can earn fuel discounts each month when you are on a Contact Fuel Rewards plan.  You can also swipe your AA Smartfuel card at other participating retailers to collect and accumulate additional fuel discounts!

To redeem your rewards, just fill up and swipe your AA Smartfuel card at a participating BP or Caltex service station, request to redeem your accumulated discounts, and receive the amount off each litre you purchase up to 50 litres!


You can collect AA Smartfuel discounts by signing up to one of our Fuel Rewards plans and providing us with your AA Smartfuel card number. Check out our residential or business plans for more information on the plans and eligiblity criteria.

You can track your fuel discounts from Contact and other participating retailers on the AA Smartfuel app, you can download this on your smartphone, check out the AA Smartfuel website for more information.

You will not be able to switch to our Fuel Rewards plans until your current plan ends. If you have questions, please use our enquiry form and we'd be more than happy to answer them.

You can pick up a free AA Smartfuel card from your local BP, selected Caltex and Countdown stores.  Once you have your card, you need to then register your card directly with AA Smartfuel. 

There are three ways to register your card.

-Download the AA Smartfuel free app

-Online via the AA Smartfuel website.  

-Call 0800 842 877.

You’ll receive email confirmation when your card is registered.

You sure can!  AA and Countdown have their own branded AA Smartfuel cards, but you can still use these cards to accumulate AA Smartfuel discounts with Contact!

Once you have your card, you need to provide us with the card number, you can do this by logging into your My Account online services, or calling us on 0800 307 000. 

Don’t forget to ensure you have signed up to one of our Fuel Rewards plans to ensure you are rewarded with AA Smartfuel discounts.