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Service Fees

Sometimes we need to charge fees for additional services. These fees cover electricity, gas and Auto LPG fuel cards. They’re all inclusive of GST.

Bond (minimum charge where applicable)
Residential $150
Business $500
New connection
Each new installation control point (where applicable) up to $250
Tempoprary builder's supply $55
Piped LPG price on application
Special meter read
Including check or final read $35
On-site investigation
Electricity $130
Piped Gas $90
Fault visit (If a fault is NOT a supply or metering problem)
Same business day services, call received by 4pm $110
Weekends, public holidays and after hours (4pm - 7am) $145
Non-urgent service $95
Reconnection or disconnection (Pre visit)
Smart meter remote connection/disconnection $20
Same business day service, call received by 4pm $115
Next business day service, call received by 4pm prior business day $75
Weekends, public holidays and after hours (4pm to 7am) $150
Special disconnection fee (access problems) $125
Temporary disconnection for safety (business day) $110
Disconnection for non-payment $90

Metering fees

(fees do no include the cost or related work by an electrician, gas fitter or network company)

Change of pricing plan
(no physical change to metering required and no site visit needed) $25
Metering change where site visit needed, such as a meter change
Electricity $125
Piped Gas min $125
Total disconnection (including meter removal)
Electricity $75
Piped Gas (includes distributor fee) min $290
Meter relocation
Electricity $125
Piped Gas (includes distributor fee) min $170
Meter test
Per meter tested, applies if meter proves to be accurate $200
Electricity prepayment meter (subject to availability)
Install or remove $140
Clear balance $120
Install or remove keypad $130
Prepay to post pay (or reverse) $120
Replacement PrePower card $10
Remote meter register
Install or remove (subject to availability and ongoing daily fee) $200
Dishonoured payment $25
Copy of invoice or transactions/consumption history $8
Paper bill $1.10
Over the counter
(each payment made at a Westpac branch or PostShop)
Credit Card
(includes debit card and direct debit by credit card)
0.95% of the payment
Debt management fee $25
Debt site visit $90
Debt collection costs All costs
Cancellation fee (when a request for work is cancelled before it is performed or you cannot be contacted as requested) $40

A few notes:


  1. If you fail to meet an arranged appointment or provide access, the relevant service fee, as outlined above, is still payable
  2. We may on-charge any fees we receive from a network company or other third party, in relation to work performed at your request
  3. Special fees may apply for other services
  4. Prompt payment discounts don’t apply to service fees
  5. All fees include GST.

Please call 0800 80 9000 if you have any queries at all. We’re here to help.

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Other ways to pay

Paying by direct debit from your bank account, internet or telephone banking are some other ways to pay which will not incur any extra fees. (You can set up direct debit in My Account.) 
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Some of our residential plans offer 1% discount for getting all our correspondence by email, and another 1% for paying by direct debit.  (If you are currently on a fixed term plan, you’ll be able to change when your current one ends.)

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