Why join us?

We’re here to help with smart solutions for your business. Like our SmoothPay payment plan to help with cash flow and a dedicated team to support your needs. We take pride in supporting tens of thousands of Kiwi businesses with access to light, hot water, and the energy that keeps their coffee machines brewing. 

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Our business plan

Check out our Business Freedom plan that’s simple and hassle free. 

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Dedicated business team

Our New Zealand based specialist business team can work with you to find the best solution for your business.


Energy solutions

We help businesses identify and secure energy cost-savings and efficiencies.


So where does our energy come from?

  • As a sustainable energy company we’re invested in New Zealand’s environmental, social and economic wellbeing. Over 80% of our generation is from renewable sources, we’ve reduced our emissions by 59% since 2012 and we’ve planted over 25,000 native plants in the last year.
  • One of the world’s leading geothermal power companies, the lights in your business might be powered by steam or heated by magma from deep under the earth by one of our geothermal power stations.
  • We have several large hydro power stations like the massive Clyde Dam, generating power electricity for Kiwis.
  • Our natural gas powers stations keep things warm when the h20 gets low and the wind stops blowing.