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Your questions answered about the paper bill fee increase

Why is the paper bill fee increasing?

The $1.10 paper bill fee was introduced in October 2017 to recoup our postal and paper costs. Since then, these costs have risen yet our fee has never changed. So as a business, we have decided that after almost five years, the time has come to put the fee up to $2 (incl GST) to help cover these things. It also now takes into account the cost to send other communications we need to send our customers via post too (like outage notifications etc).



What can I do to avoid the fee increase on 1 September?

If you choose to get your bills by email, you won’t get charged the paper bill fee. We understand email bills don’t suit everyone, but if you can get bills to an email address you are able to check regularly, there are many other benefits over paper:


  • Faster and more reliable than post, i.e. no risk of a late bill/missing your payment because your bill hasn’t arrived on time.
  • Bills can be easily printed (for example at your local library) if you still need a paper copy.
  • Bills for the last two years are stored online in your own secure account for easy access if you need to refer back to anything.
  • Email bills mean you can play your bit to help save some trees as there is no paper involved.


As a little extra incentive, if you move to email bills and letters by 30 August you’ll automatically be entered in our competition:

  • Be in to win one of 50 $50 bill credits (incl GST).
  • Be in to win one of 50 $50 New World Gift Cards (incl GST)


Terms and Conditions apply, please click here to view these.



How do I get set up for email bills?

There are two steps you’ll need to do to get your bills by email.


Simply click here for a step by step guide to how to get set up! This is what you’ll need to do:


Step 1:

Set up an online account if you don’t already have one. This is an account that you organise on the Contact website using your account number and an email address. It stores information about your account, and means you will be able to do a lot of things online that you normally might call us for. You will need to think of a password when you set up your account and keep it somewhere safe. At Contact, your online account is called ‘My Account’.


Step 2:

Select email bills in your online account once you have set it all up.



How does email billing work once I am set up?

We will send you an email each time your bill is issued to the email address you set up in ‘My Account’. You can still pay your bill the same way you pay your paper bill, or you may like to try another way. Your email will tell you how you can pay, the amount and your due date.


From your email, you can also click to see your ‘digital bill’ (a simple version of your traditional bill) or you can click on a link to your traditional bill if you want to see the detail like you are used to.



What if I move to email bills and I still want to pay over the counter at NZ Post or Westpac?

To pay at NZ Post or Westpac, you need to take a copy of the bar code from one of your bills. So you can either take your current bill with you each time (instructions below on how to print this from your online account) or you can just print one bill out and just use this same one each time. Feel free to cut out and laminate the bar code to avoid it getting tatty.


You will need to tell the person behind the counter how much you want to pay (i.e. either the whole amount or another amount.)


How to print your bill from your online account

Open the online account you set up here.


  1. Go to the top left hand corner of your account and click on the three lines:

    My account menu
  2. Choose ‘View Bill’:

    My account menu

  3. Choose ‘Download tax invoice (PDF)’ on the right hand side:

    Account number and invoice number
  4. A version of the bill will appear on the bottom left of your screen beside a little red PDF symbol (shown below) which you can click on and then choose the print icon to print. If you don’t have a printer, your local library should be able to help or you may know someone who can print it for you.

    PDF icon



Why does the current fee show as 0.96c as a line item on my bill and how will the new fee show?

The fee shows as 0.96c on your bill as this is the exclusive of GST. The remaining 0.14c is included in the GST line, together with the GST on your other costs. Giving a total of $1.10 per paper bill.


From 1 September, the fee will show as $1.74 in the charges section of your bill with the GST portion being 0.26c. This will get wrapped up with the rest of the GST component giving a total of $2 per paper bill.



What is my ‘digital bill’?

The digital bill is a simplified version of your bill that many customers find easier to understand  and can be viewed in your online account. Your traditional bill (in ‘PDF’ format) is still available there too.


With the digital bill, you can also see at a glance what your charges are made up of, plus drill down into the detail if you still want it.



Any other questions about the paper bill fee?

We have a dedicated number to help out anyone that has questions about the paper bill fee change. It’s 0800 855 844 and we’re here Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm to take your call.