Dream Charge

This plan is no longer available. If you’re looking for cheaper power to charge your EV, check out Good Charge – it offers half price electricity rates between 9pm to 7am.


For customers who signed up to Dream Charge before 28 November 2023 and you’re looking for some help or support, take a look at our FAQs or contact us.

Dream Charge FAQs

Any savings associated with the Dream Charge plan will vary depending on your meter setup, how you use electricity overall, and particularly how much usage you shift to the 11pm-7am period overnight.

Everyone’s usage is different. However, the more usage you shift to the 11pm-7am, the more you can save!

You can track your savings on our app or online through My Account.

All electricity used during 11pm-7am (i.e. the variable / usage charge) every night is at a reduced rate.

Please note that:

  • The daily charge will still apply and is not cheaper during the night period.
  • Natural gas and bottled gas isn’t included, so appliances (including hot water heating) that run on gas are not included during the 11pm-7am time period.

We know that overnight is generally the best time for most households to charge their EV. We're able to offer reduced rates overnight because that's when it's generally cheaper for us to purchase the power you consume.

For now, the reduced rate period is fixed, so you can't change it to another time of day. We're always on the hunt to improve our plans, so this could be something we consider later on.

The more you shift your usage to the 11pm-7am overnight period, the more you can save, so opt to do your power-greedy chores like running the dishwater, washing machine and dryer later in the evening.