A guide to charging an Electric Vehicle

All the information you need to know about charging your EV cars at home and at charging stations. How long to charge? Types of EV home charges and the best power plan to suit your EV.

EV Charging at Home

One of the best things about an electric car is you can charge overnight and wake up with a full tank ready go. No waiting in line at a petrol station, a more efficient use of your time and you may save money.

Wall Chargers or Wall Connector

A wall charger or wall connector is an efficient and convenient home charging solution that is faster than the portable option It needs to be installed by a qualified electrician.

Portable 3-pin cable

A portable EV charger is likely to come with most electric cars, you can plug in to a normal power point like other electric appliances in your house.

How to find an EV Charging Station

To handle the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on NZ roads, charging stations are being installed across the country. Most major petrol companies have installed EV chargers and dedicated space for owners to top up. But you’ll also find EV charging stations in places like campgrounds, tourist spots, beaches, shopping malls and supermarkets.


EV Fast Charger

  • DC Charger (Direct Current)
  • Public charger
  • Charging time: 400km in 15 minutes
  • Power use: 22kW - 300kW

EV Slow Charger

  • AC Charger (Alternating Current)
  • Public charger & at home charger
  • Power use: 7kW - 22kW
  • Some public stations might need to BYO cables

How to charge an EV car safely

Safe at home

Only use electric vehicle charging adaptors supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or by an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer. Don’t use any household adaptor (such as a multi-box, double plug, or a travel plug) between EVSE such as an In-Cord Control and Protection Device IC-CPD and a socket outlet.

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Safe on the road

Although charging station safety features reduce the risk of a mishap during the charging operation, they are heavy-duty electrical appliances, and safe practices should always be followed. Read and follow the instructions provided with your vehicle and the charging station operator. Don’t touch the main cable that provides power to the charging station.

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