Pay by credit card

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Please enter your Contact Energy account details to take you through to complete your secure payment.


Other ways to pay

Setting up direct debit means you’ll never miss a payment as it happens automatically. We will deduct the outstanding balance on the due date of your bill. You still get a bill so that you can keep an eye on your energy use and the amount you owe. Direct debit payments from a credit or debit card will incur a processing fee of 0.95% (incl GST) of the payment amount. The fee will appear on your next Contact bill. 

You can set up, change, or remove this at any stage by signing into My Account or via the Contact app.

If you’d prefer to fill out a form instead, download it here. Fill it out and post to us at: 
Contact Energy, Free Post 113763, P O Box 624, Wellington 6140
View and pay your Contact Energy bill using Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit or Account2Account by signing into My Account or via the Contact app.
Internet banking allows you to make the payment when it suits you. Be sure to add Contact Energy to your payee options and when your monthly bill comes due, transfer the payment.

Contact Energy bank details

  • Name of Bank: Westpac
  • Name of Account: Contact Energy
  • Account Number: 03 0502 0223829 03
  • Reference: Your Contact account number
  • If paying from an International bank account please add SWIFT code: WPACNZ2W

If you’re making one payment for multiple sites it’s best to email your remittance to us at:

Rockgas bank details

  • Account Name: Rockgas
  • Westpac Bank Number: 02 0544 0241419 00
  • Reference: Your Rockgas account number

To pay over the phone with your credit/debit card (fees apply), call us on 0800 224 424.

For LPG payments, please call 0800 762 542

You may pay your bill over the counter at various NZ Post and Westpac branch locations by cash or eftpos. Payments made in person will cost $1.30 (incl GST) each time. The fee will appear on your next Contact bill.